Lab On Premises

At Care Dental, every smile is different and customized to fit the patient’s individual needs. When lab work is necessary, it is essential that there be an open communication between the dentist and the lab.
lab on site
Most labs are located hundreds if not thousands of miles away from where the dentist is practicing, in which case the impression is mailed to the lab with written instructions for the lab technician, potentially creating a challenge in communicating details about your future smile. Few practicing dentists have on-site labs, which allow an open and direct communication between the dentist, the lab, and the patient.
on site lab

Advantages of an on-site lab

The greatest advantage of a dental office with an on-site lab is that visual instructions are given to the lab allowing for personalization of your new smile. Modifications to your teeth can be accomplished in minutes, rather than days. The teamwork of the dentist and the lab can help you improve your appearance, giving you a brighter, whiter, healthier smile. Care Dental is proud to claim itself as one of the very few dental offices in the country with a full service dental lab right on premises. Come take full advantage of our superiority.


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